"Before I knew you, we were just punks at the bus stop
Then it's like I don't need reminding
What's in front is based on what's left behind."
- 'Talk Good', GRLFRNDS

Playing in different incarnations since middle-school, the band GRLFRNDS - a text-speak reference to the outsider mentality of isolated post-punks in Honolulu - formed officially in late 2009. An effete gang-by-circumstance with a shared affinity for 'bangers' they dared themselves into the existence at the promise of a Battle Of The Bands. A hastily-composed 6-song set subsequently led to their 3rd-ever live show in front of a 2,000+ crowd supporting Modest Mouse. GRLFRNDS have been working at an ambitious trajectory ever since. After a year in the making, having flown to LA to work with producer Manny Nieto (HEALTH, The Breeders) and engineer Shane Smith, GRLFRNDS proudly release 'BLANK PINK THRILL' as their eponymous debut.

GRLFRNDS clash together genres with an eclecticism that places them somewhere between contemporaries like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem and the Hives while rooted by indelible influences like Devo and Joy Division. With a passion to indulge in electro or punk in equal measure these flourishes are essential to a framework for songs that demand attention. Bratty, electro/post-punk from a band that consistently challenge categorization - GRLFRNDS' debut LP 'BLANK PINK THRILL' is a compilation of 11 pop-infectious, genre-mashing bangers and anthems.

It has been this inclusive approach different styles in tandem with energetic-bordering-frantic live shows that earned them acclaim and opened the door to play with artists diverse as Little Dragon and Black Lips as well as opening for DJ's like Diplo, Jokers Of The Scene and acts like The Hold Steady and Das Racist. Perhaps most importantly it's been the relentless gigging and symbiotic support from their fans that's made GRLFRNDS a proud part of the upstart Downtown 'scene' that's emerged in Oahu over the past couple years. This is not Hawaiian music, this the the new sound - a beacon to headphones around the world - quite simply, this is GRLFRNDS.

-- Andy Rose